Inter:act:theater [2009]


Inspiration for this project was the Kinoautomat (interactive cinema created in 1967). Moving this concept in theatre allows to really improvise and react in real time not just deciding between the two preshooted versions of the film.

I wanted to use a simple, intuitive system. To eliminate the interruptions of the performance for counting the votes, therefore I decided to give each viewer two small torches, one with green light (meaning yes) and second with red light (that signifies no). Using these torches each person in the audience can decide about the actions of the actor, in the moments when s/he turns to audience and depending on which colour is dominant after a while he reacts. In case it is not quite obvious, he improvises neutrally and gives the audience some more information and after few more minutes he let them decide again. Second possibility is use red and green papers and stop the performance for a while and count it. It should be possible to interact the same way also with the musicians during the performance.

Realized as ‘Inter:imper:impro’ with the theater group Krepsko in June 2009 at NoD Gallery, Prague.