Don’t come so close to me, I can’t see you anymore [2010]

Don’t come so close to me, I can’t see you anymore

Sound installation, 4 stereo audio loops

Situation based on the visitors who comes and sit around the table, each listening to his own sound footage in headphones. Each one listens to a different dialogue whispered silently by two woman voices into his/hers ears. The table is quadrangular, so two people sitting closer to each other are listening to rather intimate dialogues, more nicey. Other two people sitting more far from each other are listening to dialogues which are rather cold and disagreeable. The dialogues are personal, quite emotional and ambiguous, they could be perceived variously by each listener, depending on his own experience and feeling.

The visitors are facing the unknown or familiar person. They can interact or not comunicate at all, just listen. Various situations could ensue up to the people, their location, reactions and interactions…

(In cooperation with Kateřina Vorlová)